Lone Star Fever 32' XS Head

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Lone Star Ropes has introduced The Fever Head Rope. This is a specially designed 5-strand head rope that uses a unique nylon/poly blend, featuring a multi-directional, double-twisted core. The center core is engineered to counterbalance the rope as a whole, providing a unique quality to the rope. The rope's small diameter combined with an unusual amount of weight delivers an exceptional performance that is unparalleled in the market.

The Lone Star Fever Head Rope is also a heat-resistant rope, ensuring that the roper has a consistent feel in all weather elements. The rope's balanced and snappy nature makes it a top choice for ropers. It is made from a brilliant red nylon/poly blend, making it an attractive and standout choice. Inside the rope is the patent-pending, counter-balanced core, which guarantees excellent performance and many great feeling runs.

Lone Star Ropes is confident in the quality of the Lone Star Fever Head Rope and encourages ropers to "Roll the Dice" and give it a try. It is a rope that will not disappoint and is sure to become a top choice for many ropers.